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Teddy, an easy chair with nostalgia! Increasing interest of model Bamse, re-launched by SKIPPER in 2011, has inspired to take up production also of the smaller chair, Teddy, which was likewise developed and marketed in the 1950’s.

Teddy is a light, comfortable chair with firm-upholstered seat and back. It does not take up much space; but it radiates both cheerfulness and atmosphere. The vertical divisions (“pipes”) of the back suggest exactly the 50’s.


Skipper Furniture offers a wide selection of leather and fabric designs

Design Skipper Studio

Product data


Width: 65 cm
Height: 80 cm
Depth: 80 cm
Seat height: 43 cm


Woods: Oak untreated, soaped, oiled, lacquered. Teak lacquered/oiled
Upholstery: Cold foam
Available with leather or fabric


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