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Modena – swivel chair with glide system, motor or manual, and integrated headrest being adjustable forwards/backwards. 4-star steel base in chrome or circular base in solid beech.
Modena has an integrated footrest elevating when you lean back. In elevated position the footrest is extended by 11 cm. The chair may be locked in any position.

Different models


Skipper Furniture offers a wide selection of leather and fabric designs

Since establishment of their design office in 1973 O & M Design have been working for a number of Danish, Swedish, Italian, and Japanese manufacturers. Their main field is furniture design; but they have also performed many jobs with industrial product design, graphic design and fitting out

Product data


Width: 79 cm
Height: 106/80 cm
Depth: 85/160 cm
Seat height: 44 cm


Frame: Form-pressed, laminated beech stained into one of Skipper’s standard colours or with a lacquered natural oak top veneer.
Upholstery: HR polyurethane foam. Seat foam: 35+23 kg/m3, foam for back and footrest: 27+23 kg/m3, Foam for headrest: fi bre. All upholstery is covered with a 200 g/m2 non woven interlining.
Cover: High-quality leather in a wide selection of colours.


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