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SKIPPER is offering auditorium chairs – multifunctional seating furniture for multipurpose rooms / lecture halls / congress halls / theatres etc.; and they can be a solution in small interiors as well! They were developed to meet a number of different requirements and purposes and are “tailored” for the individual job. Therefore the architect 100% sets the agenda! The furniture is made on the basis of the size and the materials of the building; and there is a wide scope for creative thinking – with space for exciting solutions of functions, materials and colours!

The auditorium chairs have folding seats and can be linked and fixed to floor in straight or radial rows. As options they are available with writing tablets and seat and row numbers. Seat height, inclination and width can be adjusted, and armrest and seat underside can be delivered with or without upholstery. Special acoustic material can be made. It is comfortable, ergonimically shaped, easy-to-clean furniture in hard-wearing materials.

The concept is based on room adjustment; and on the basis of information of
· depth of row
· chair width
· height of step (if different levels)

specific quotations incl. installation or supervision on site can be made.

The auditorium can be straight, classic and simple! – It can be curved, colourful and frisky! – Or it can be a combination of aesthetics and function being united in a smart way!

Innovest DK

Innovest DK

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Campus Aarhus C (VIA) DK

Innovest DK

CBS Copenhagen Business School

CBS Copenhagen Business School


Skipper Furniture offers a wide selection of leather and fabric designs

The furniture is planned and designed on the basis of the size and the materials of the building

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