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Optimizing of in-house and external environmental conditions is at SKIPPER FURNITURE a process with high priority. We are constantly aware that we bear full responsibility for our surrounding environment; and in our choice of materials and sub-suppliers as well as in the process of production we select an environmentally correct solution. We want to use the best natural materials; and with a rationally organized production – and good craftsmanship – long durability of the products and minimizing of the environmental impact of disposal are secured. Minimizing of material requirements combined with partial recycling of refuse are circumstances which we regard as important for our nature and environment.

SKIPPER FURNITURE has modern production machinery and an experienced staff with an objective responsibility. The employees are as well working in an internal atmosphere where, to a great extent, individual functions and requirements are taken into account.


Skipper Furniture AB

Box 106, SE-289 21 Knislinge
Färgerivägen 6, SE-289 33 Knislinge
Tel: +46 44 604 50

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