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Skipper Furniture co-operates with physiotherapists and care staff in order to create environments allowing for relaxing as well as socialization. Waiting rooms in medical centres, cafeterias in hospitals, and small alcoves where you can be private and undisturbed are examples of environments where our furniture is planned and used.

Our furniture

Cocoon with footrest and shield wall

Cocoon meeting room

Cocoon music corner

Uni sofa & chair

Uni chairs

Alfa & Omega sofa


In order to facilitate the interior designer’s work, dwg.files of all products are available and ready for downloading. Should any help or further information be required, please never hesitate to contact us!

Cocoon is being used by Skovcentret DK. Allowing for privacy and relaxation to the sound of music Cocoon provides a quiet and relaxing while for the user

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Furniture for the home





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