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Our designers endeavour to join the requirements for comfort and design, without risking either of them losing its particular quality. Our Scandinavian heritage must appear from the design with the simple and clear lines marking the culture here. In addition “ecological values” must be an integrated part of the design and development process.

O & M Design

Since establishment of their design office in 1973 O & M Design have been working for a number of Danish, Swedish, Italian, and Japanese manufacturers. Their main field is furniture design; but they have also performed many jobs with industrial product design, graphic design and fitting out.

The co-operation with Skipper Furniture started in 1981; and it has resulted in a number of chair and sofa models for private and public spaces.

Carsten Buhl

Understand the past – form the future

This clever play on words is characteristic of Carsten Buhl’s way of working with design development. Each piece of furniture is a challenge – and has its own story. But common to it all is that it is created with respect to the simple, clear expression of Scandinavian design tradition.

It is always the aim to create furniture complying with practical und functional needs, and meeting as well some design quality demands.

Johan Verde

is one of Norway’s most distinctive and recognised designers. His particular design idiom has attracted attention and garnered awards both in Norway and abroad. He has designed a broad spectrum of products: from chocolate to furniture and boat design. His Figgjo Verde mug has become an icon that is sold all over the world.

Through his work over the years, and through his involvement as creative director for Beyond Risør, Johan Verde has inspired and motivated a great many young designers.

There is a special and enhanced dynamic when two designers come together. When Nelo/Skipper first met Kolbrûn and Leo they were not a design duo. However, their complementing abilities were just right. The result of this, is one of Skippers best. Today they work on projects together and individually. Leo´s knowledge of wood’s ability, strengths and possibilities within the furniture industry is well proven.  Kolbrûns´s curiosity of the design world, her education and experience beyond the furniture field is never ending. We are proud of them together and as individuals.


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